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Nail Salon & Fish Spa
Madhair Fish spa


"Fish therapy" is a method used by fish of the genus " Garra Rufa " to cleanse dead skin cells and treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This form of treatment is not fully medically documented, however there are scientific studies specifically for psoriasis. Garra Rufa or Dr. Fish (doctor fish) have been known for 400 years in the natural baths of the city of Kangal in Turkey, where patients with skin diseases I used them regularly. The benefits were observed mainly in this city for this and the fish is also known as "Kangal Fish". Patients suffering from psoriasis and dermatitis have benefited from treatment, based on scientific studies.

The healing properties of this fish are due to the secretion of an enzyme from their saliva, which has similar properties to those of dithranol, which is known to contribute to the "regeneration of the skin". Regular sessions for a long time are necessary for results to show. Patients place their entire body or limbs in tanks with Garra Rufa fish. They feel no pain or discomfort except for a slight tickle, as the fish have no teeth.

During the session the clients dip their feet in a glass aquarium with lukewarm water (28-30C). There, swarms of small fish of the genus Garra rufa undertake to clean the skin from dead cells and remove the aged outer skin of the skin while performing a relaxing massage.

Customers emerge relaxed, with their skin incredibly soft, refreshed, healthy and radiant!

This alternative pedicure technique is very safe, painless and natural as it does not use razors or chemical methods, and the fish can reach even in difficult areas. This species has no teeth so it can not do harm. If you like to take care of your skin, then you know that exfoliation is the key to any form of skin rejuvenation service. With the method of fish therapy you can completely, gently and mainly naturally remove the damaged outer layer of the skin, revealing and favoring the development of new healthy skin.

How is the hygiene of the system ensured?

The transmission of diseases from the Fish Spas is from minimal to practically non-existent if the system is properly designed and the regulations of operation and maintenance of the system are observed.

At Madhair we believe that the most important parameter of a fish spa system should be to ensure the health of your client to the greatest extent possible. We have made the following moves in this direction:

  • We use suitable UV-C ultraviolet mechanisms that sterilize water.

  • We have accurately calculated the needs of fish and water recycling.

  • We chose a two-stage mechanical filter.

  • We have adopted pharmaceutical grade chemical filtration materials.

  • We have developed a complete system of operation and maintenance of the systems

  • At the same time we developed instructions for specific actions before and after the session

Try it either as a trial or in a complete package!

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